Raj Platter (for 2 or more) £7.30

An assortment of kebabs, tikka, bhajees and samosas

Lamb Chops £4.10

Traditional Bengali spicy Lamb Chops

Murgi Chats £3.90

Tikka chicken, cucumber and tomatoes mixed with special chat masalla

Sheek Kebab £3.60

Chicken Kebab £3.50

Nargis Kebab £4.60

Similar to scotch eggs, made with mince lamb and served with an omelette on top

Shami Kebab £4.50

Similar to a burger, made with mince lamb and served with an omelette on top

Onion Bhajee £2.95

Aloo or Chana Puri £3.95

Spicy potato or chick peas wrapped in a puri bread

Dall Soup £2.95

Made with Lentils

Garlic King Prawn £4.50

Spicy King Prawns £4.50

Marinated spicy King Prawns grilled and served on skewers

Janga or Prawn Puri £4.90 or £3.90

(King prawn or prawn in a rich spicy sauce & wrapped in a puri bread)

Hara Tikka Chicken £3.75

Chicken marinated in green spicy, herb sauce, grilled in tandoor, a tasty starter

Chilli Ribs £3.95

Succulent spicy moist Lamb ribs

Gaya Chicken £3.95

Crispy Chicken coated with chilli and honey

Mixed  Starter £4.95

(Onion Bhajee, Lamb Tikka and Chicken Kebab)

Samosa (Meat or vegetable) £3.40

King Prawn Butterfly £4.50

King Prawns marinated in garlic and mint, then fried in a batter of bread crumbs

King Prawn Sukka £4.50

Whole baked king prawn served with sweet & sour Tamarind Sauce

Salmon Tikka £4.50

Cubes of salmon matured in a mildly spiced marinade of dill, fennel, ginger, honey and mustard

Tandoori Chicken £3.75

Lamb Tikka £3.75

Chicken Tikka £3.50

Chicken Pakoras £3.95

Prawn Cocktail £3.25