Harry-Ali Murgh £9.95

Chicken baked on a marinade of spinach, mint and pureed coriander, served in a creamy sauce.

Kofta Roshuni (Chicken or Lamb) £9.50

Hot and spicy fried mince ball curry with extra garlic, made with tender chicken or lamb mince.

Bhuna Mangsho (Beef) £9.95

Beef curry made  with coriander, onions, garlic and tomatoes in a smooth rich spicy thick sauce.

Taste of Raj Special Thali £10.95

Contains Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Sheek Kebab, Lamb Tikka Masalla, Pilau Rice and salad.

Duck Shahzani £10.50

Breast of duck marinated in ground spices and roasted, then cooked in a spicy orange sauce with mushroom.

Garlic Chilli Masalla £9.95

  (For King Prawn Add Extra £2)

Cooked in a thick spicy sauce made with tomato paste, extra garlic and fresh green chillies. Served with pilau rice.

Mughlai Duck Masalla £10.95

Spring Duck marinated in a rich spicy sauce, bar- becued  in the clay oven, then further cooked in a thick masalla sauce with powdered nuts and cream.

Lamb or Chicken Shatkora £9.95

Traditional Bangladeshi Sylhet District curry made with a bengali lime.

Murgi Mosollam £10.95

A princely dish, Spring Chicken barbecued in the clay tandoor, then cooked again in a special thick sauce with minced lamb.

Acchar Murgh £10.95

Slices of chicken mixed with pineapple and cooked in a sweet and sour sauce made with tamarind and mango juice. Served

with pilau rice.

Murgh Mushroom Bhagar £10.95

Slices of chicken tikka cooked in a rich spicy sauce with extra ginger and garlic. Garnished with spiced mushrooms, cumin, green pepper and onion.

Chicken Tikka Makhani £9.95

Chunks of marinated chicken, slow cooked in special sauce made of cheese, garlic, ginger, onion, tomato paste, butter and cream. Served with pilau rice.

Vegetable Thali £10.50

Contains a selection of  several different  vegetable side dishes and a plain nan.


(All dishes served with rice)

Karahi Mangsho Aloo (Beef) £10.95

Beef curry made with spicy massala of garlic, onion and tomatoes, with an infusion of crushed coriander seeds and crispy red chillies, topped with potatoes.

Chicken Tikka Sarki £9.95

Dices of marinated chicken breast cooked in a special sauce made of coconut cream, fresh mint and lemon juice.

Lamb or Chicken Jaljoushi £9.50

Slices of chicken or lamb cooked with onion, capsicums and bangladeshi naga pickle. Fairly hot, served with plain rice.

Achari Massala £9.95

Chicken or Lamb cooked in traditional bengali mixed pickle and spice.

Chefs Recommendations

Set Meal for Two £29.95

Appetiser: 2 Pappadoms & Chutny

Starters: Janga Puri, Chicken Tikka

Main: Korrai Chicken, Lamb Tikka Masalla,

Mushroom Bhajee, Plain Nan, Pilau Rice & Sweet.

Set Meal for Four £58.95

Appetiser: 4 Pappadoms & Chutny

Starters: Lamb Tikka, Chicken Kebab, Onion Bhajee

Main: Sag Prawn, Chicken Jalfrezi, Lamb

Dupiaza, Chicken Tikka Masalla, Bhindi Bhajee,

Tarkha Dall, Pilau Rice, Plain Nan & Sweet.

Set Meals (All dishes served with rice)